Saturday, March 31, 2007

It sure ain't the old 'yawn and stretch'

Recently, my good friend Stormy was invited over to a gentleman's place for dinner and drinks. They sat on the couch, and in due time, he made his move. You know, the move to indicate that he was interested in more than just her wit and vivacious spirit. And while she wasn't necessarily surprised that he made a move, the move he made shocked her.

He stuck his head in her armpit.

I know. I was blown away too. I consider myself a pretty modern woman, open to new ideas and all that jazz, but a head in the armpit as a declaration of romantic intent? New to me. We talked about this scary, apparent latest development in the art of seduction, and couldn't figure out what would possess anyone to try it, especially when breaking in a new partner.

But upon reflection, I think we may have misunderstood the gentleman's intentions. I was perusing the archives of a favourite site of mine, when I read an entry that shed some light on things. The writer in question was going to shake hands with someone, when there was some confusion about whether it was a hug or a shake, and her head ended up in his underarm.

So, maybe, just maybe, Stormy, you misread his move. Maybe he was just trying to hug you. Or maybe we should all be very afraid.

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