Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Want Those Shoes!

I don't know if I would have picked this book up on my own - barely-in-control shoe fetish notwithstanding - but my cousin and her husband gave it to me as a Christmas present, and she has good taste about this stuff, so I gave it a chance.

I Want Those Shoes! is a very short book, at only 123 pages including the glossary, broken into small chapters, sometimes only a page and a half long. The chapters are so short because they each deal with a new topic - sometimes a style of shoe, or some historical information on different trends, or on the practicalities (such as the impending doom that rain brings). The author is from Italy, and so many of her examples are based on what she sees/saw there, and don't do anything for someone who has spent her life in Canada, but they are amusing nonetheless.

My favourite chapter was 'The Point of Life', which dealt with the whole point (heh. point. puns are phunny!) of pointed toe shoes. I like the notion that I wear them because I am "of a tribe of particularly intelligent women whose skills are wasted on manual work, and who are destined for positions of power." My ego likey very much.

The most disturbing chapter? Easily the one that talked about women getting, I kid you not, ankle and calf liposuction and 'filing' done to make shoes fit better. I don't quite know what 'filing' is, and I think my lunch will stay down better if I keep that level of ignorance.

It was a light and easy read, and for someone who claims that shoes are more important than many things, highly entertaining.

Rating: 3 out of 5 bottles of gin.


Milena said...

I think I may want to read this book... by the way... I am glad you cleaned your tub... :)

Table Mabel said...

Well, I wasn't going to, but then I figured it would be better to make the bathtub gin in there if it was clean.