Sunday, March 11, 2007

Semifinal Saturday

It seems that our terrible outing last week did the job.

With our sucktastic play, we managed to put ourselves into 'C' Division, instead of 'A'. With that happy thought in our heads and hearts, we went out to play our 'C' Division competition. I use that word loosely, as it wasn't a competition for long. We took three with the hammer in the first end, and stole five in the second. We called the game after 5 ends, with an 11-1 victory to our credit. I made some terrible shots, but there was also a perfect draw to the button, so I'm pretty happy with my performance.

Next week, the final week of the season - I know, you're looking forward to fewer curling updates - we battle for the 'C' Division crown. To our competition, recognize that in just under a week, we (along with our secret weapon) will mop the floor with you. Get the crying towels ready.

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