Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's currently chaffing my ass?

I try to ignore advertising, in all its forms. I hit the mute button, I fastforward (yes kids, there used to be this thing called a VCR, and you could record stuff off tv onto 'tapes' and watch it later. I still use one) or I change the channel.

But despite all my best efforts, I have managed to watch/listen to some ads recently. Strangely enough, mostly it has been the same two ads. And I want all trace of them wiped off the face of the earth.

Have you seen these new Ontario ads? Holy freaking mother of god, those are irritating. They are far too damn long, and the music is vomit-inducing music. Let's not even get into what pathetic Sens fan made this commercial. I mean come on, nobody, and I mean nobody, is coming to Ontario so they can be a Sens fan. And could you find a way to play them more often? Because I found watching TV last night that I almost saw a couple of other commercials during the commercial breaks. Sigh.

The other one that is driving me bazoo is the radio ad for the the new chocolate muffins, cookies, etc from Tim Hortons. 30 seconds of two annoying people coming up with stupid words to describe how wonderful the new stuff is. Here's a tip: when your ad is 80% incomprehensible rambling, it is going to make most people tune out, and make me swear to never try your product, despite my long love affair with anything chocolate. And again, try airing it a little less frequently. Even if it was cute the first time (which it really wasn't - the made up words thing as advertising is so overplayed. See: some product I don't remember but uses the word 'crucheweesy') it wouldn't be by the 40th airing. Which is roughly 4 hours after the first. Urgh.

Both of these ads, which are interestingly enough for things I do like (Tim Hortons and Ontario are both highly recommended. If you haven't tried them, you really should!) have the same effect on me. And that effect is that when I catch them, I am overwhelmed by the desire to gouge out my eyes and rupture my ears with a sharp object. Now, I'm not an advertising exec, but I'm pretty sure that's not the reaction they are looking for.

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