Saturday, January 31, 2009


So, I've been away for a while. Because I've been delightfully happy, so that's a good thing.


Things have been going so well, but there's a little fly in the ointment. The boy's work in Hoboken is challenging. He is there most of the week, and they are running him ragged. He once called me right when he got home from work - at midnight. It is draining him, and makes me crazy because I think he needs more time to himself, and plus, I get him at the end of extremely long and tiring days. And then, there's the part where they could terminate his contract at any point, so he is still looking for options. One of which is a part-time (less than 1 day per week) gig in Tulsa. Earlier in the month, he had to go there for the weekend to prepare the proposal, and we were both upset at missing time together. Then, instead of hearing back from them one way or another this week, they threw a wrinkle into things by asking them to come back and present the proposal twice more, to different groups of higher ups each time. But, instead of scheduling the presentations for the same day, they managed to book one for Friday afternoon, and one for Monday morning. So, my boy gets to spend the weekend (on the dime of the company, of course) in Tulsa. Again, this made us both terribly upset. But as he said, maybe that's why they need him - spending all that money and wasting all that time isn't efficient in the least.

On the bright side? Things between us are still totally awesome. So, don't expect to hear from me too much.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I can't concentrate

On anything.

Seriously. I can't think about anything for more than a few minutes before my mind wanders to a certain person and when I'll next be able to spend time with him. I start cleaning the house, and soon I'm daydreaming about our next conversation. I try to read a book, and I'm suddenly overcome with images of his face. I write emails to friends, only to lapse into reviewing our last meeting. I shower, and well, you know....

This does not bode well for next semester, does it?