Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I swear, this is the last curling entry

I promise, really it is, but I've sat on this for too long, and I just saw this verdammt commercial again and I can no longer contain my rage.

Has anyone seen the commercial for a certain "putting the yowser back in your trouser" product that wasn't endorsed by Bob Dole? Y'know, the one where people are curling? (I know, I'll come up with something new to obsess over, I promise)

Let me count the problems with this espece de merde.

1) The fall he takes? While curlers are awesome about rushing over to tend to someone who has fallen (thanks guys!) that weren't no fall. That's barely losing your balance. No one is going to suggest that someone not continue playing after that, and no curler worth their salt is going to stop playing after that.

2) The fact that the man and his wife then get up and leave the club, instead of him just sitting out an end. What kind of grade A bullplop is this? Even if you need to sit out for a bit, you don't leave, you just go to the side and rest, and as for your teammate leaving too? Hells no. You can't curl with only two people on a team. It is against the rules. You need to have at least three people, so unless you are severely hurt, like 'call the ambulance and get a gurney ready for my near-corpse' hurt, you wouldn't get a team member to leave the club with you. It is just bad manners, and curling? Is all about manners. And booze. But mostly manners.

Which leads me to point the third:

3) While I'm delighted that you can now engage in sexual relations with your wife again, what type of asinine, juvenile moron are you that you can't either wait an hour till the game is done, or, if you indeed must punch her ticket immediately, just call in sick before the game, so that your teammates have a chance to find someone to take the place of your overly randy ass? You're a grown man, so stop behaving like a child.

And let's not even get into the suckiness of their charade. How about waiting till your a little further away before you titter about your sneakiness? Yeesh.

So, in closing? A terrible ad, because it just doesn't work. On any level. As a curler, it seriously chafes my ass to see that commercial, and basically has made me conclude that if I'm ever in a situation where my partner needs to use said product, I'm going to steer him towards the competition. That's how pissed I am. And hey there drug company, stop trying to use poor old curling to peddle your remedy for erectile dysfunction. What did curling ever do to you?

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