Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's lash-tastic!

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I love makeup. The crazier the colour, the better. I'll try anything. That vibrant aqua colour? I've got it and four others kinda like it. Sparkly pink liner? Count me in, it'll go great with my hot pink shadow. But I've never worn false lashes before because I just didn't do that much with my lashes period. Until recently, I didn't always wear mascara but after an old coworker yelled at me when she heard that, I've always got it on. Yesterday I went for a makeover and Vivian, the makeup artist asked if she could put some on, and as I trust her, I told her she could do whatever. I nearly passed out when she took the eyelash curler to me, and she kept asking if I was okay when she was putting the lashes on, because I kept grimacing. But after all that, when I stood back to take a look, I was blown away.

My eyes looked fantastic! My lashes went on for miles, and they actually didn't look fake. I finally understood why men swoon when women bat their eyelashes. The best part was that I felt like a total diva. I called out for someone bring me a martini and some bonbons, and for the rest of the day, I kept sneaking looks in any reflective surface just to catch a glimpse of my awesome lashes.

Now today, as I look in the mirror at my pathetic and non-false natural lashes, I can't help but feel I look funny.

Suddenly the notion of getting eyelash implants doesn't seem quite so ridiculous.

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