Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm not a doctor, and except for on those long lost tapes of a third rate soap opera, have not played one on tv. But shouldn't extra strength Advil liqui-gels - you know, the ones they tell you to only take one of every four hours, due to the complete awesomeness of their painkiller ability? Yeah those ones - shouldn't they actually take the pain away in less than three hours? Or am I missing something? Because if they are so strong and amazing in their pain-killing skills, I would think they'd work, um, quicker.

In a completely unrelated story, do you think that popping 6 of those liqui-gels in 5 hours will cause permanent damage to one's insides? No reason, I'm just curious.

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Milena said...

you know ... one could worry about that last commnet about the pills...