Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's tax time!

No, this isn't a gentle reminder to file your return, although you should do that. PSA over.

I just saw a news piece on ABC complaining about illegal immigrants in the US. The gist of the piece was that the IRS doesn't turn over information to immigration from illegals who file tax returns, and how this is a terrible thing, because it may be counteracting all the work of the border patrol to get rid of those horrible leeches (which really America, don't you see how insane you are with this 'we need to build a wall around us to keep undesirables out' plan? Look in the mirror, and you'll see China. Or East and West Germany. Doesn't that make you think twice?) Contrary to what I would have thought, apparently there are a number of illegals who pay taxes every year, despite not having any of the other perks or responsibilities of citizenship.

They interviewed one man who had been a bank manager in Peru, but was now illegally in the US and was working as a painter. When they asked him why he paid taxes, he said "Because I make money in this country and I want to give back to it." I can see why you wouldn't want a slacker like that in your country. As opposed to someone like Wesley Snipes, who has made millions of dollars, on top of all the other perks of being a celebrity and yet doesn't feel he should have to pay taxes at all.

I try and I try America, but I just can't figure you out.

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