Saturday, September 6, 2008

First week back - a review

Alrighty. I've been back for a week, and here are some of the "highlights":

To the chick in the white pants - I really didn't need to know that you weren't wearing any underwear and that you get groomed with a Brazilian. And yes, while the fact that I could almost see your clitoral hood over the top of your pants gave me a clue to some of this, the fact that your pants were so tight and see-through they may as well have been saran wrap was the kicker.

I'm in stats class, and the prof starts explaining stats terms. Here is a direct quote "A set is a collection of people, objects or measurements. And how you know they are a set, is they are in a set." I kid you not. I feel like I'm back in semiotics here, people. Somebody get Roland Barthes on the phone asap!

Spoken in a class discussion on ethical behaviour, "Maybe they don't mean those types of escorts". Yup. That's referring to exactly what you think it is. So young and so naive..

In the same class as "Not those escorts" guy, a girl got extremely uppity with the prof when he said he wasn't going to post his notes online. She pays for this class, you know, so he'd better do what she wants as she is the customer! (and yeah, replace I/I'm for she, and that is a direct quote. Sigh.)

There are many totally adorable boys at school, but they don't seem to be in my classes. Boo-urns. However, a number of them appear to be employed at the bookstore. I think I might need to spend a few months in there, carefully selecting my textbooks. Stop looking at me like that, I'm just a careful shopper.

In intriguing news, some people from my class with the replacement prof helped confirm (in my mind, at least) the theory that he pulled our marks out of thin air. Apparently they both got A's too, but one of them knew that going into the final, she was going to need like an A+ to get a B- on the year. Methinks I smell a rat...

Keep this under your hat, but it looks like I might be getting free coffee for the foreseeable future. Yay me!

Oh, how I missed you school.

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