Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why I've been absent (aka Excuses, Excuses, Excuses)

So, I keep meaning to pop in to update you on my thrilling life, but I keep not doing it.

The reasons I've been absent are many and varied, and not limited to:

Midterms. My nerdy side needs me to study like mad for tests. Funny story though, it didn't keep me reminded of a couple of midterms until the minute I walked into class. This would have been tragic had the classes not been the two that I sleepwalk through and ace.

Money stress. The less we talk about this, the better. I don't really need to lose my mind again. Or my lunch.

My sister's birthday. Lame, but there you have it.

Job searches. I'm this close to pretending that I didn't spend 6+ years working in the financial industry, and instead sat around creating art with what I picked out of my nose. Maybe I'd have better luck that way.

And finally, I have been given the task of coming up with an idea for our curling team's theme for Crazy Halloween hat night, and my brain seems to be broken. Oh yeah? You try coming up with a theme for hats that four different people can wear AND curl in. Not so easy, is it?

And during all of this, I've had the week off of school. I was going to get so much done this week. Apparently not.

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