Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More tips for John Tory

I know, I can't believe it either. Next thing you know, the rivers will run with blood. We've already had the locusts (see: Cleveland-New York baseball game this weekend) so the end times must be upon us.

But seriously, John John - if I may be so forward as to give you this moniker - have you lost your mind? The ratcheting up of the attack ads was one thing, and not effective in the least by all accounts (see: polls, all recent ones.) But chastising voters? Do you actually think this is going to change people's minds? Do you really think that someone who was going to vote Liberal (or NDP, Green, or anything not PC) is going to decide that now that you've come out and accused them of low standards that they must prove you wrong and vote for you? If anything, it will entrench their opinion. Plus, it makes you look like a whiny, sullen, childish douchebag who isn't mature enough to govern the province of Ontario. Which I could have told you before the public humiliation.

On the bright side, you have done something that I never would have thought possible after Stephen Harper and the Harris years, (which is totally the name of my next prog-rock band). You made me feel sympathy for a Conservative. If the end times aren't upon us, that is something to build on.

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