Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Belated curling update

I know, I can't believe I forgot to update you on last week's game.

We had a ringer on our team, but the other team had two.

The game wasn't close, the score being 13 - 1. For us!

I had an okay game, making some shots, missing slightly on others. One thing was different, in that for possibly the first time ever, I was freezing during the game. I always wear a matching pant and hoodie (workout fabric - don't know the name) and a tank top, with no hat, gloves, or jacket. And normally, I'm fine. Not super warm, but not too cold. Just right. But last week, I was downright freezing. My fingers were icy even when we went back into the club. Perhaps it was a one time thing, or maybe my weight loss means I'm not insulated by all that fat, and now get cold like other people. Hmmm...

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