Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Relax, it was only a false alarm

The apocalypse is not nigh. I know, with my success in math yesterday, I was sure it was just around the corner, but today things took a turn back to normal for Mabel. Today I was befriended by a very nice soul who doesn't have the sense that God gave gravel, and if today is any indication, seems I will be forced to explain how to do everything to him at least three times a class. I skillfully managed to have one of my pens leak all over my bag and my jeans, ink that I then unknowingly transferred to my hands and arms. And I also managed to launch my pencil through the air in the middle of class, while fiddling with it during the lecture. Mabel and her spazzy ways are back. The end is not upon us. You may return to your sinful ways.

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