Wednesday, August 22, 2007

And we're back... kind of

Call me naive, a cockeyed optimist, or just plain dumb, but I didn't foresee that the company who took an hour to determine that they do provide me with internet service would muck up the transfer of service to my new place so badly that nearly a month later my service is way slower than dial-up.

I know. I'm going to start wearing a placard around my neck that indicates that yes, I am indeed the village idiot.

As the situation is still not resolved (hence my scheduled 8am service call tomorrow) and it takes 10 minutes to load a page, I'm not sure when I'll be back. So here's a little teaser on what I've been doing with myself to tide you over: a whole lotta unpacking, using my dishwasher so much it borders on obsession/stalker territory, sleeping as soundly as the dead for 12 hours a night in my new bed, and arguing feminist causes with my french conversation instructor.

And now, while I wait for this post to load, I'm going to go soak in my deep and lovely soaker tub. God I love this place!

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