Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm in the middle of losing my mind as we are now T-minus 4 days till the big move. I know I've been neglecting you, but so much has happened, it could take me the next four days to recount it all. So here's an overview. Since last we spoke, I:

...threw out my back and spent the next four days hopped up on robaxicet.

...took possession of the condo. lost in the underground lot no less than four times. In one day.

...drove back and forth across the west end of the city more in one week than I have in the past two years.

...picked out my schedule for school - no 8am classes for me this semester.

...continued the fight (in vain) against the raccoons who are trying to destroy my dad's pride and joy - his lawn.

...painted the condo.

...dealt with the flooring installers, trying to explain that "yes, I know that you can't nail down flooring into concrete, and I do understand that it needs to be glued, and I told all this to the people who took my order, so I don't care how, but you get someone here today who can install this floor!"

...painted the condo some more.

...did something to my wrist so that any movement causes shooting pain, and a wave of nausea.


...realized I have far too much crap, and maybe the notion of possessions is overrated.

...dumped coffee grounds all over myself and anything within a four foot radius. Twice. Don't ask.

...packed some more, and started wondering why I didn't let people take the things they coveted when I had my "Goodbye to the Apartment" party.

...came to the conclusion that those things will look awesome when I finally get them in place at the condo.

...had about 17 breakdowns, usually when I made lists of all the things I still had to get done.

...worried that my stuff will all get broken during the move.

...made more trips to the Depots (both Business and Home) than I can count.

...watched two seasons of Arrested Development, my only source of entertainment in this busy and trying time.

And that's pretty much it. Oh sure, there was some sleeping, lots of coffee, and the occasional bottle of red wine, but that has been my life recently. The next week and a half pretty much promises to be more of the same, so there's a good chance I won't be back at the computer till August. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have lots more "Mabel is a moron" tales, along with the rhapsodizing over my giant kitchen. And now, I really should get back to packing...

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