Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fate knows best?

I've lived in my apartment for almost four years, and in all that time, there have been two constants. I've never seen a cute boy in the building without a ring on his finger or hot better half in tow, and I've never been able to get a parking spot. Never, that is, until today. Just over two weeks from my move date.

Today I borrowed a car and spent the day running errands, mostly related to the upcoming move. On four separate occasions, I came by with the car looking for a spot, and every time I found one. Not the same one every time either, but there always was one. And no, not one at the far end of the complex. Always one right smack dab in front of the doors.

After finding the last one, I grabbed the boxes from the back seat, the bubble wrap and my purse from the front, and I headed for the building. With some difficulty, I managed to get inside only dropping the boxes four times. I went to the elevator, and saw that thankfully the button had already been pushed. Then I became aware that someone was coming up from behind me, so I shifted around a little and saw it was a cute guy with a bike. We both get on the elevator, and after I ask him to hit my floor for me, we get to chatting. He asks about the boxes I'm carrying, and how long I've been living in the building, and I can't believe that I'm finally having the kind of conversation I'd hoped to have when I moved in. Then we get to his floor, and he keeps chatting as he gets out of the elevator and the door starts to close. And do I drop the boxes and hit the button to keep the door open? Or surreptitiously stick my foot in the way of the door? Oh hell no. I just let the door close on the one cute guy without a ring or girlfriend by his side who has talked to me in this building, without getting his name or finding out what apartment he lives in.

And with so little time left here, I'll probably never see him again. Even if I did, I guess there is nothing to prove that I'd actually handle it better. I'd probably just be plugged into my ipod and ignore him. Evidently Fate was right to keep the hot guys from me as I just can't handle them.

But I think I handled the parking spots well, so if that could continue later this week when I will have a car again, that'd be super.

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