Friday, June 29, 2007

No 'foundations' for me!

I went for my placement test today, after cramming all the math I could into my head over the past two days. Know what? It worked. I don't know what mark I got on it, but when I went in to talk to the placement person after the test was done, she took a look at my math mark, and said "Wow." And she didn't mean it in a"Wow. I can't believe a human being could be that stupid and still have the required brain stem function to allow them to breathe by themselves" kind of way. Me math good.

I don't have to take the english course (I'm guessing my kick ass essay on the pros and cons of cell phones blew them away) and I can go straight into the regular math class. Yippee!

Now if I could only do something about my anxiety issues, and get the phone number of the hottie who worked the desk, I'd be all set...

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