Friday, June 8, 2007

I think I liked it better when I wasn't sleeping

Stress manifests itself in different ways. For months before I found myself jobless, when I knew what could possibly be ahead, I couldn't sleep. Even after I found out my fate, I still couldn't sleep. Eventually I came to terms with not being able to sleep and then randomly sleeping for 12 hours straight at inopportune times. But finally I started sleeping again, and I thought that was wonderful. Until now.

My body was dealing with my stress by not sleeping. I guess it decided it didn't work, so it found another way. For the past couple of days, my left eye has been bugging me. And today, I wake up to find that I have a sty. It itches, and I look diseased. And I get to spend time putting warm compresses on it. 6 times a day.

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