Thursday, June 7, 2007

Are you a loan shark? Do you understand how high finance works?

I'm walking along the street in my neighbourhood, and I see this man kind of edging towards me, like he wants to talk to me. Like any good Torontonian, I ignore him. But he keeps trying, so then I wonder if I'm being callous and he just wants directions, and I turn towards him. He doesn't want directions. He launches into a spiel that starts with him being a diabetic, and ends with a request for me to give him money in exchange for his ticket for the subway to help him get insulin.

My knowledge of high finance is extensive. It tells me that you break someone's legs in advance to ensure that they pay back the money you've lent them. But while I may not be up on the exact cost of insulin injections, I'm thinking it is a tad higher than 2.75$ Canadian, no matter how high the dollar is right now. So unless he had a ginormous wad of tickets to sell, I think he won't be able to afford his insulin shot.

Oh my, do you think he was just trolling for cash, and lied about the insulin?

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