Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hairstyle court is now in session

I never thought I'd write about Madame Spears. More than that, I never thought I'd defend her. But here we are. Through the looking glass people. I know, I'm scared too.

I don't see what the big deal is.

Okay, she has done many, many, crazy and questionable things. So numerous are her moronic actions that if we were to put together a list of them all, to save space (and our fingers from cramping) we could just put an infinity symbol.

But shaving her head? Isn't one of them.

Hear me out. I know people think it shows she is off the deep end, but it is just hair. It will grow back. Will she look back on this as one of her best decisions? In comparison to marrying K-Fed? Hell yes. Overall? Probably not, but that doesn't matter. Haven't we all made idiotic decisions in regards to our hair? My father claims to this day that I was out of my mind to dye my hair black for Halloween in OAC (hey, I was Cleopatra - dirty blonde was just not going to cut it!), and I'm not particularly proud of the period of my life when I sported the 'Rachel' (I know, I know. I'm shocked I'm putting it in print too. One day this admission will disqualify me from all but the hottest and noisiest jobs.) but my hair grew out, the colour faded and I've managed to live a productive life.

It's just hair. It grows back. It fades. It isn't permanent. No matter how it looks, it doesn't hurt anyone (well, except for hair from an executed murderer, which when transplanted onto another person will take over that person and go around murdering more people, or so The Simpsons has lead me to believe.), unlike casting your vote for a certain president or driving while drunk. Anyone who can honestly claim to never have made a slightly off the wall decsion about their hair can put their hands up. And yes, your skunk-streaks do count as a craptacular decision. See? Ms Spears ain't alone.

So really, lay off poor old crazy Brit for the head shaving for she has done far, far worse. And if you still feel the need to get on her, do it for her apparent lack of parenting skills or putting out albums that rot your brain.

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