Wednesday, November 7, 2007

They must be the size of baseballs.

Let me see if I've got this straight.

You're driving 50 km over the speed limit, and you get pulled over by the police, and you expected a ticket, but you didn't know that now you get your licence and car taken away for a week, and this is somehow everyone else's fault but yours?

Your balls must be large enough to be used in a major league baseball game, sir.

So what that you didn't know exactly what the punishment was. So what? You knew speeding was wrong. You were speeding. Excessively. You were caught. There is punishment for breaking the law, and you know what, who cares if you are "okay" with that. You don't want to get nailed? Try not driving 150km. Or even better, try driving under the speed limit, period. I hear that works. I don't speed, and have never lost my licence, and haven't ever got even one speeding ticket. See how that works?

Take the "I didn't even know about the law" line and stuff it. Ignorance of the law is no defence, sunshine. And that whole (direct quote here) "I have three kids, I have to go to work for a week and they just do not give a crap. They have no sympathy for people and it's unfair and they treat people like crap."? Makes you look even more of a douche than I thought would be possible. It isn't the fault of the police that you can't get to work. Did they make you speed recklessly? Did they stop you from driving responsibly? Hells no. You did it your own damn self, and this situation is all your fault. So sack up, and take responsibility for a really moronic decision.

And don't freaking go 50 over the limit again, because next time, you might kill someone. Dumbass.

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