Thursday, January 3, 2008

Didja miss me?

Yeah, so I was away for a while. Would you believe I was captured by space aliens? No? Kidnapped and made the love-slave of James McAvoy? I wish. Fine. I was just swamped with getting ready for Christmas by baking enough to feed a small country. Seriously, Finland could have handed out a piece of Christmas baking to each citizen just by going through my pantry, and frankly, I think that might have been a better way to get rid of all of the goodies, instead of how I chose to do it this year, which consisted of me eating way too much shortbread, Urgh. And there was the time spent with family (yes, I was drunk the entire time, thanks for asking) and then when I came back, there was no internet - no, don't ask, I'm still not calm enough to chat about it.

Now that school is about to start, I'm trying to get back to my regular schedule, which no doubt will include many a post about the imbeciles I matriculate with. But, in case you were worried that things might change around here, I'm thinking they won't. 2008 started out just like 2007 - with such extreme suckage that my brain can barely wrap itself around the concept. So I'm sure I'll be making an ass out of myself any second now.

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