Monday, December 10, 2007

Oh expletive deleted

We're in the middle of exams now, and it seems I have to write four, I repeat, FOUR exams tomorrow. One of them I've been trying to write for the past two days, and another I tried to write today, but the bleeping computer system kept going down, so they extended the deadlines, but it seems that tomorrow is my last day to write those two, and the other two are in-class, so there is no delaying them to a day when I'm not already writing two exams worth at least 20% of my final mark. How in the diddly am I supposed to do all that in one day? Is tomorrow one of those 72 hour days the legends foretold? And why am I getting punished for their dillholish decision to upgrade the system in the middle of exams? If my grades suffer at all due to this, I'll have someone's head on a pike.

And now back to studying four verdammt subjects in one night. Grrrr.

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